A JORC 2012 compliant resource was released for the three previously discovered porphyry deposits at Kharmagtai in April 2015.

Mineral Resources for the Kharmagtai Copper Gold Project have been classified as indicated and inferred confidence categories on a spatial, areal and zone basis and are listed in the table below.

A cut-off 0.3% CuEq within a Whittle Pit Shell and 0.5% CuEq below a Whittle Pit Shell.

See ASX announcement dated 19 March 2015 “Kharmagtai Maiden JORC Resource” for full details of resource estimation methodology and attributions. Note: All figures may not sum exactly due to rounding.

There are three deposits with resources at Kharmagtai, Altan Tolgoi, Tsaggan Sudal and Zessan Uul.

Section through the Altan Tolgoi, Tsagaan Sudal and Zesen Uul

Altan Tolgoi consists of two high-grade outcropping stockwork zones, the northern and southern stockwork zones with a larger body of high grade tourmaline breccia at depth. Tsagaan Sudal consists of a much larger, moderate grade zone of stockwork mineralisation 800m south of Altan Tolgoi. Zesen Uul is a smaller, high-grade zone of stockwork mineralisation offset at depth by a low angle fault. Work is underway to determine the direction of off-set and the location of this offset mineralisation, as the grades at Zesen Uul make this an attractive target.

Long Section through the Altan Tolgoi deposit showing the two outcropping stockwork zones and high-grade tourmaline breccia

Cross section through the high grade Zesen Uul deposit